Thursday, 19 April 2012

Rant: Supermarkets

Now I am aware that supermarkets are often quite an indifferent, and necessary, experience; but I just cannot help but be annoyed at many things to do with them. Before moving to Leicester to go to university, I did not really go to supermarkets very often. They are now very much a part of my routine and it is very rare that the local Morrisons does not get a visit from me. While it is a perfectly good shop, with everything I want easily avaliable; I cannot help but notice plently of things that annoy me as I trundle around with my trolley on a monday morning.

The first thing that annoys me is old people who seem to see it as some great social outing, rather than a necessary part of one's day. Despite the fact most of them have come together on the free bus anyway, they still insist on blocking up the aisles to have a chat with "Doris who I haven't seen since last thursday". This makes it totally impossible to get down the asiles often, especially if their conference call takes place right by one of the big support pillars (which is usually does). This coupled with minimum-wage John stacking the shelves with his enormous cage on wheels make the supermarkets a treacherous place to navigate.

In a similar vein, the second thing that annoys me is people who abandon their trolleys at the end of the asile, across the Butcher's counter or infront of the toilet door. Granted, this is usually so they can get past Doris and Marjory's weekly meeting about Eastenders and the Daily Mail to get to a pint of milk; but leaving the trolley totally in the way of everyone else is just a pain. If I see a trolley left unattended I put the most expensive thing I can see in it; so if you have ever found some fancy olive oil that you never wanted in your shopping when you get home you now know why!

Thirdly, what annoys me also about supermarkets are robotic checkout staff with no common sense. Yes I am aware that many people I know have or still work in Waitrose in Saltash and this does not apply to any of you, as it is usually the 50-something year old woman who sees the Leicester Morrisons as a career option or the 16 year old from Scumbag college. I am aware that checkout staff are indoctrinated to say certain lines to me such as: 'Do you want any bags?' or else face the wrath or supervisor Adolf with absolutely no sense of humour; but if I have two huge bags for life already opened ready do I really need more? The other thing that gets me is 'Do you want some help packing?' Do you think I really need someone to move my shopping from the end of the till less than a metre to my bag in the trolley? I do not think so.. I seem to get more sensible conversations from the self-checkout machines, and if they were designed for weekly shops I would gladly use them more often. 

I am sure that other people will have different things that annoy them about supermarkets so intelligent discussion is always welcome. :)

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